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“@SavedPlus Hi guys, great looking app!…”
“…My bank doesn't offer a "keep the change" program, so this app is a great way to put aside extra money without having to think about it…”
Andy8090  Apple AppStore
“…sounds like a useful app for people who struggle to save.…”
“Sounds like a great app. The interface and easy of use look great.…”
“…a great way to save a small percentage of every purchase you make…”


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Everyday spending builds up your savings automatically!

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On average, our clients save:

per month
per year
We work with over 3500 US banks!

How it works

Let's say you set the saving slider to 10%
Now every time you spend...
10% of your weekly purchases will be added and automatically transferred to your savings account

Why do I need SavedPlus?

I finally feel secure with my family Emergency Fund
I use SavedPlus money saving app in addition to my employment contributions to build up our family Emergency Fund! With 2 small kids, I can't risk not to have it...
We've saved enough to purchase a house and stop wasting money on rent
I try to use every possible opportunity to save money so that we can buy our own house and stop throwing money away for rent. With this money saving app when I spend money to buy something, a small portion goes to our savings account… What a great idea!
I am building my savings account without thinking about it!
I hate to think constantly about money, which is why I find SavedPlus money saving app to be so helpful! It saves money for me automatically and I can just concentrate on other important things in my life. I don’t have to worry about running out of money on my checking account, because of all the smart checks and balances they’ve put in place!
I love to see my savings grow!
Well, it may be hard to acknowledge, but it was always hard for me to add money consistently to my savings account. I know it’s damn not to have it…so when my girlfriend told me about SavedPlus money saving app I thought – well, that’s exactly what I need, and guess what, I can now see my savings growing every day!
It's a great way to add money to my retirement plan
The math is simple – the more money you save, the more money you will have in the future. I have a 401K, I have my IRA, I have automatic deductions from my paycheck to my savings, and now I also signed up with SavedPlus money saving app, so I am adding to my savings daily!

Is it secure?

  • We don't collect or store your personal security information
  • All transactions are encrypted and secured by Thawte
  • We partner with industry leaders: WS&R, Yodlee, AB&M
  • Our servers are hosted by OVH – the industry leading business infrastructure provider

What is the media saying about SavedPlus?

- "Make sure you always do a little saving"
- "Save little and often"
- "The best money saving app"
- "Set it and forget it"
- "Automate saving with SavedPlus"
- "Save money every time you spend"