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“@SavedPlus Hi guys, great looking app!…”
“…My bank doesn't offer a "keep the change" program, so this app is a great way to put aside extra money without having to think about it…”
Andy8090  Apple AppStore
“…sounds like a useful app for people who struggle to save.…”
“Sounds like a great app. The interface and easy of use look great.…”
“…a great way to save a small percentage of every purchase you make…”


our application
Android 2.3+

Everyday spending builds up your savings automatically!

Signup online or download our free mobile application!

On average, our clients save:

per month
per year
We work with over 3500 US banks!

How it works

Let's say you set the saving slider to 10%
Now every time you spend...
10% of your purchase will be automatically transferred* to your savings account

Why do I need SavedPlus?

I finally feel secure with my family Emergency Fund
I use SavedPlus in addition to my employment contributions to build up our family Emergency Fund! With 2 small kids, I can't risk not to have it...
We've saved enough to purchase a house and stop wasting money on rent
I try to use every possible opportunity to save money so that we can buy our own house and stop throwing money away for rent. I find it comforting that even when I spend money to buy something, a small portion goes to our savings account… What a great idea!
I am building my savings account without thinking about it!
I hate to think constantly about money, which is why I find SavedPlus to be so helpful! It saves money for me automatically and I can just concentrate on other important things in my life. I don’t have to worry about running out of money on my checking account, because of all the smart checks and balances they’ve put in place!
I love to see my savings grow!
Well, it may be hard to acknowledge, but it was always hard for me to add money consistently to my savings account. I know it’s damn not to have it…so when my girlfriend told me about SavedPlus I thought – well, that’s exactly what I need, and guess what, I can now see my savings growing every day!
It's a great way to add money to my retirement plan
The math is simple – the more money you save, the more money you will have in the future. I have a 401K, I have my IRA, I have automatic deductions from my paycheck to my savings, and now I also signed up with SavedPlus, so I am adding to my savings daily!

Is it secure?

  • We don't collect or store your personal security information
  • All transactions are encrypted and secured by Thawte
  • We partner with industry leaders: WS&R, Yodlee, AB&M
  • Our servers are hosted by OVH – the industry leading business infrastructure provider

What is the media saying about SavedPlus?

- "Make sure you always do a little saving"
- "Save little and often"
- "The app has been saving the average user about $350 per month"
- "Set it and forget it"
- "Automate saving with SavedPlus"
- "Save money every time you spend"

Meet the team

Co-founder, President
Paul had worked in various industries, always finding ingenious ways to make process and product improvements. He founded and co-founded several technology and internet startups. His endless entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership and vision were the cornerstone and inspiration for creating SavedPlus Inc.
Co-founder, CTO
Stan is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at SavedPlus where he oversees all areas of product development and leads the technical direction of the company. As the company’s key technologist, he leverages his expertise in telecommunications, enterprise networks, and mobile security to make SavedPlus application safe, user friendly and easy to use.
Director of product development
Daniel is currently a Management Science student at UC San Diego studying finance and the latest product marketing techniques. His interests include cutting-edge technology and personal money management.
Izabela is an experienced visual designer who shapes both web and mobile platforms. She is responsible for the overall user experience and visual design of consumer-centric web pages and mobile application design.
Sr. Developer
Andy’s skills include in-depth understanding of Android and Apple iOS, SQL, Ruby, Phyton and Java to name a few. He is responsible to assure that both Android and iOS versions of software are identical in user experience and functionality, and work correctly with middleware and external resources. He acts like a glue that binds various applications together to the benefit of the user community.
Dmitry’s enthusiasm and commitment to Apple iOS is something to revel about. It would be hard to find a more optimistic and committed programmer – he's constantly thinking about possible improvements he can make to anything that he's working on.
Co-founder, CEO
Nikita co-founded several startups in broadband Internet access, and IP-related services. He led the teams that developed new web applications improving self-service options for telecom operator customers, and managed successful internet and media marketing campaigns.
VP of Marketing
Andres is the VP of Marketing at SavedPlus and he recently got his MBA at Florida Southern College. He has experience as a marketing consultant for several successful projects throughout the country. On a daily basis, Andres tries to develop SavedPlus as a top brand in the country in the money saving industry.
QA Manager
No software goes untested, and with Helen’s extremely detail oriented personality, MBA in Finance and in-depth knowledge of QA, she is a great asset to SavedPlus.
Project Supervisor
Ivan’s Project management skills are second to none when it comes to managing cross-functional teams that work 24x7 delivering world class mobile applications. His dedication and perseverance made the development of our application possible within the allocated time frame and budget.
Vlad is a superb Android developer, who is passionate about Google Android OS and the capabilities it offers to users.