Matching your savings!



Dear SavedPluser! 

This Christmas Savings campaign is now closed.
100 new customers signed up for a campaign and are now saving for Christmas Gifts with us!
Check back often to learn about our upcoming specials!

We would like to make this year’s Christmas unforgettable!  How?  We know that you will be spending money to buy gifts to your friends, family and loved ones, and we wanted to help you by offering to match* your SavedPlus savings towards your Christmas gifts and put them into a long term savings account of your choice.

Just think about it – as you pay your bills and do your normal daily shopping, SavedPlus continues to automatically transfer your chosen percentage of your daily spending to your savings account. Then, on December 15th, we look at how much money you saved towards Christmas gifts and match* it by transferring up to $100 to your long term savings account!  This would be a special gift to you from SavedPlus with no strings attached!

To participate in this very special promotion, we will require you to make your Christmas shopping list at, and share it with SavedPlus.  This will allow us to automatically enter your chosen gifts as a savings goals in SavedPlus application.  SavedPlus application will start calculating $ amount be matched as soon as you create this shopping list and will match it on December 15th.

Please follow these simple steps:  

  1. Open website.  
  2. Click on 'Target Lists' drop-down list and choose 'create a new list' option and then - 'start a list' button. If you don't have online account - click on 'create account' button and fill out the form.  
  3. Name your new Target List 'Christmas Gifts' and share it with us by entering 'SavedPlus' as a friend's name and as a friend's email. 
  4. Check your inbox - you will receive 'SavedPlus promotion enrollment confirmation' email from us. From that moment your Christmas 2013 savings campaign participation starts!
  5. Add items to the list and change them any time you like.  

We will put all the items from your 'Christmas Gifts' wish-list in your SavedPlus application as the savings goals.  Then, whatever $ amount you save with SavedPlus in your savings account by December 15th - we will match up to $100, and transfer matched $ amount to your specified long-term savings account.

Please note that you will need to keep your saved with SavedPlus funds in your savings account until December 15th, to qualify for this promotion. Christmas 2013 savings matching will be available to the first 100 new SavedPlus users.  

We wish you a great upcoming Christmas holidays and look forward to reward your savings efforts!